Corporate Transport

Plant Transport
We are just one phone away to transport the fixtures of your plant in a careful and damage-free manner with our highly experienced and trained staff. If you want to minimize your labor loss and immediately kick off your operations in your new plant, call us.

  • Machines in the plant are packed and handled.
  • Furniture in the office are packed and handled.
  • Electronic equipment in the office are packed and handled.
  • Computers and other digital equipment are packed and safely handled.
  • Heavy loads are loaded on the vehicle. Tuzcuoğlu offers a more comfortable and convenient plant transport process through its specially trained team and equipment.

In plant transport, first the office section of the plant is packed with pet graft papers imported from Europe and then handled. Then the operational units of the plant are handled with utmost care. Stands are disassembled. And they are assembled exactly in the original form on the intended place of arrival. Materials within the stand are carefully picked and at the place of arrival, they are re-placed into the stands. For pallet products and plant machines, Tuzcuoğlu employs lift-equipped vehicles for transport.