Human Resources

Human Resources Vision
Fostering transparency, teamwork, entrepreneurship and creativity and thereby rendering adahan the highly preferred venue for work where employees truly feel happy, and maintaining it.

Human Resources Mission
To give straightforward and reliable, creative, dynamic and innovation-focussed employees equipped with the sense of internal and external customer sensitivity, team spirit, solidarity and self-confidence a common perspective, to form an integrity with adahan work processes and create a distinction in all ways of doing business.

Our Approach to Human Resources
The core approach of Tuzcuoğlu’s Human Resources policy is to boost the skills and qualifications of all employees across the common Tuzcuoğlu beliefs and values with a view to perpetuating the development and progress of the company, and encourage them to develop and renew themselves along the objective of meeting customer demands and expectations.

"Transparency", "Involvement", "Sharing", and "Equality of Opportunity" are core principles of Tuzcuoğlu. Adahan Lojistik has adopted the approach of "Train your Own Manager" as its corporate philosophy. Considering this principle, our priority in recruitments is to locate new "special" graduates equipped with the correct "essence" in their intrinsic characters, and holding the ambition to reinforce their level of information and skill through local sectoral trainings.

Our objective is to pave the way for our employees to upper senior positions as modern managers capable of handling a situation from various points, producing the specific solution required in an environment where the logistics sector is undergoing a constant transformation, and provide them with the information and skill required by their career steps.

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