In its 2500 - sqm indoor dry facilities in Istanbul, Tuzcuoğlu offers, through modern rack and storage systems, highly specialized staff and sophisticated storage equipment, a wide range of storage services including stock management, order preparation, issuance of delivery notes, repackaging, disassembling, assembling, labelling, boxing, palletizing and quality inspection as well as rack storage, and even the management of customers’ own warehouses in line with their demands and requirements.

Tuzcuoğlu customers experience the privilege of monitoring the entirety of storage operations from their offices online and in real time, and retrieving at any time detailed reports produced about all storage movements. The storages are equipped with installations, equipment and arrangements with sophisticated fire-fighting tools for proper storage of the load and fire protection.
Also necessary equipment and fixtures that allow to smoothly and safely unload from the vehicle, stow, weigh and measure the load within the warehouse, and then load them on vehicles are present within the warehouse.
The storage is capable of providing service at contemporary conditions for any kind of product of any nature.

Storage Services;
  • Self-Owned Warehouse Management,
  • Management of Customer Warehouses,
  • Management of Transfer Warehouses,
  • Management of Customized Warehouses