Textiles on Hangers

Contrary to the old practices where the load was placed in boxes, the products are transported by vehicles equipped with specially constructed transport racks with infinite openings at European standards of 16, 24, 39, 48 and 100 m3 size.

The products are delivered to the consignee exactly in their original form . Special and dust-proof partitions in the vehicles also allow to transport your boxes besides textiles on hangers. Any kind of garment including trousers, jackets, skirts, etc. is punctually delivered to the destined location in a tidy way without any crease.

Any textile consignment can be performed on hangers within the same city or between cities . Your consignment is delivered punctually and payment is calculated based on the vehicle type and mileage.

Feel the comfort of this service by Tuzcuoğlu. If you want to feel the same level of comfort enjoyed in transport operations by other textile companies, you can refer to Tuzcuoğlu.