Expo Transport

With its Expo Transport service, Tuzcuoğlu brings you to your customers punctually by undertaking each stage of the organization through its high level quality and experience, regardless of where and what type of the organization is including expo, congress, seminar, presentation etc. , keeps you sale-oriented and contributes to the success of the organization.

As is known, Expo Logistics is one of the toughest logistics due to the reasons that the event should be staged in a very limited period of time and incorporates myriad of topics in itself. In domestic and foreign expo organizations, Tuzcuoğlu, highly specialized in integrated expo logistics through its proven experience, reliability, pace of service, service quality and customized solutions, provides Integrated Expo Transport services incorporating the entirety of the following processes:

  • Forwarding through the most appropriate mode of transport (Road, Sea, Air)
  • Customs clearance (Turkey and abroad), Ata carnet services
  • Loading & unloading at the expo site, and delivery to the stand
  • Storage and handling of unoccupied items,
  • Provision of necessary documents for Expo Organization Incentive Refund
  • Packaging and storage (Turkey and abroad)
  • Other logistics services
  • Consultancy service at the exhibition area