Transport of Partial Properties

Cases - Piano
Thanks to this service, partial properties of customers such as refrigerators, seating groups, student furniture etc. can be sent to any city desired. Our objective with this service is to offer you the flexibility to safely send your goods to any other town or district. Delivery of partial goods to another destination is a troublesome and costly process. Because a transport vehicle fully loaded, or loaded with just a single sofa creates the same cost. Therefore, Tuzcuoğlu is committed to relieving you from such high costs in this process.
We take any partial commodity from your home at any time you prefer and deliver it to any destination you desire.
Nowadays, we read in the ads of forwarding companies that they can also transport piano. The transport of pianos by unqualified and inexperienced persons may cause breakage in the cast frame, break-off of strings and even cracks in the resonance plate as well as typical furniture damages. To avoid such sort of serious troubles, our team that has successfully completed myriad of transport jobs is at your service with highly knowledgeable and experienced members. Pianos are handled with special straps. Cases weighing more than 200 kg should again be handled with professional equipment and by qualified workers. Please ask for information on handling of cases weighing in tons.
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ATM money cases, safe deposit boxes, private boxes and various iron & steel cases can be dismantled, transported and then assembled on site throughout the country by our trained workers. Vehicles employed in the transport are box trucks equipped with lifts. We are capable of transporting steel doors and ATM and money cases of any size.